Como dizer “IA” em inglês

Para falar palavras com IA devemos utilizar a expressão “was going to”

I was going to call you, but I didn’t have time.

A expressão é parecida com a expressão “going to“, que significa futuro, porém adicionando o “was/were” se transforma em passado. Então será utilizado o “was going to” (para I/he/she/it) e o “were going to” (para we/you/they)

I was going to take the garbage out, but I was late for work.

He was going to wash the car, but it started to rain.

Jane was going to take a shower, but the baby woke up.

We were going to stay home this weekend, but some friends invited us to a party.

They were going to travel abroad on wacation, but the dollar is very expensive now, so they decided to go to the beach.

Were you going to travel too?

I told you he was going to come to the party

Para fazer frases negativas é só colocar o negativo no was/were, ficando então wasn’t/weren’t.

I wasn’t going to spend a lot, but everything was on sale.

They weren’t going to go out, but decided to go

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