Conectando Ideias com AND, BUT, BECAUSE e SO

Tão importante quanto aprender a fazer uma frase em inglês, é aprender a conecta-las para expressar suas ideias com clareza e exatidão. Nesse video vamos mostrar como utilizar  4 desses conectores : and (e), but (mas), because (porque) e so (então).

I will wash the car and my sister will clean the house.

I have to finish my research and read my e-mails.

My doctor asked me to walk but I don’t have time.

I want to go out but my wife prefers to stay home today.

He didn’t pass the test because he didn’t study.

I brought my laptop because I want to show you some photos.

I’d like to go to the USA becauseI want to improve my English but I don’t have money now.

I want to buy a new car, so I will startto save money.

I won’t travel on the holiday, so I will invite my friends to come to my house.







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