Como usar as preposições IN, ON e AT com palavras de tempo

AT: indicar horas.

I leave work at 6 o’clock.
I’m tired today because I went to bed at midnight and got up at 5:30.

ON: indicar dias.

The course begins on March 1st.
We had a big party on New Year’s Eve.
I gave my wife a car on her birthday.
On Sunday, we’re going to the beach.
They always go out for dinner on their wedding anniversary.
Children love to open their presents on Christmas day.
Would you like to go to the movies on Friday night?

IN: indicar períodos longos.

His birthday is in July.
I’ll be on vacation in December.
She was born in 1997.
My sister graduated in 2014.
We had great technological advances in the 20th century.

Períodos do dia: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening e at night.

I might not be home in the morning.
I’ll have classes in the afternoon.
I don’t like to study in the evening.
I avoid eating at night.

Quanto tempo leva para fazer algo: in + período.

The plane will be leaving in a few minutes.
I’ll be back in a week.
He will be retiring in two years.
She learned to drive in three weeks.
I can get to school in ten minutes.

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