Prepositions of Place| Como explicar onde os objetos estão em inglês

Neste post vou mostrar como você pode explicar onde estão os objetos dentro de casa. Se estão dentro da gaveta, em cima de uma mesa ou embaixo da cama.
Vamos estudar esse tipo de vocabulário e estrutura com os exemplos abaixo:

— Where are the knives?
— They are in the drawer.


IN THE DRAWER = dentro da gaveta;
IN A DRAWER = dentro de uma gaveta;
IN YOUR DRAWER = dentro de sua gaveta.

— Where are my shoes?
— They are under the bed.

— Where is my tripod?
— It’s behind your bedroom door.

— Where is my cell phone?
— It’s on your desk.

— Where is my cell phone charger?
— It’s next to/beside the microwave.

— Where are my sunglasses?
In the bookcase, on the top/on the bottom shelf.

— Where is the trash?
— It’s next to the counter, to the left/to the right.

— Do you have a ruler?
— There is one on the desser.

— Do you have a usb drive to lend me?
— I think there is one among those pens.

— Where is the wine?
— It’s in the cabinet, between the fridge and the stove.

— Did you see my gloves?
— I put them in the wardrobe, in the bottom drawer.

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