7 maneiras de usar OVER

1: em cima, por cima, sobre, acima.

The plane is flying over the city.

The dog jumped over the fence.

The kids climbed over the wall to get the ball.

The lights are over my head.

2: mais de.

You have to be over 18 to get a driver’s license in Brazil.

The money offered was over our expectations.

The repairs to my car will cost over US$ 1,000.00

I get over sixty e-mails a day.

There were over forty people at the party.

3: durante.

I’ll read the report over the weekend.

Last talk about our trip over lunch.

The have changed a lot over the years.

4: uso enfático.

Come over to my house for dinner.

He walked over to her.

What are you doing over here?

— Where is your car?
— It’s over there.

5: to be over

The game is over.

The meeting is over.

6: over and over (again)

If you want to improve your pronunciation, you have to repeat the words over and over.

I read this article over and over but I couldn’t understand it.

Children sometimes keep asking the same question over and over again.

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