Diferença entre BY x UNTIL (TILL) | Como falar ATÉ em inglês

Neste post vou ensinar como utilizar as palavras BY e UNTIL (ou TILL) para falar ATÉ.

Para dizer ATÉ em inglês, se referindo a tempo, pode-se usar as palavras BY e UNTIL (ou TILL, informal de UNTIL). Porém, o uso delas são diferentes.
Por exemplo:

By Monday.
Se refere que algo irá acontecer até essa data.

Until Monday.
Indica que algo irá continuar acontencedo até essa data.

I will be at the party by ten.
I will be at the party until ten.
I will be at the party till ten.

We have to be home by six o’clock.

Tell me by Monday whether or not you’re going with us.

I need to renew my driver’s license by November.

She wants to lose five kilos by the end of the year.

Let’s wait until (till) it stops raining.

On Sunday, I usually stay in bed until 11 o’clock.

I worked until 7.

We had to stay in the room until the end of the test.

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