Neste post vou explicar como utilizar as palavras although, though, even though e as diferenças delas para as palavras despite e in spite of.

Essas palavras são indicadas para indicar um contraste na frase, a diferença é basicamente na ênfase e na esrutura. Vamos ver os significados e exemplos abaixo:

Although, though, even though: embora;
Despite, in spite of: apesar de.

Although it rained a lot, we had lots of fun.

ALTHOUGH, THOUGH, EVEN THOUGH são sempre utilizadas com sujeito + verbo e podem ser utilizadas no início ou no meio da frase.

Although she smokes a lot, she looks healthy.

Although the traffic was heavy, I arrived on time.

I can’t play the piano, although I took lessons for years.

In spite of the rain, we had a lots of fun.

DESPITE, IN SPITE OF são utilizadas com substantivo ou pronome ou verbo + ING.

In spite of the heavy traffic, I arrive on time.

In spite of that, we’ll keep on trying.

Despite being hurt, he walked home.

I’m not tired, in spite of working hard all day.

In spite of all my careful plans, a lot of things went wrong.

THOUGH é uma versão informal de ALTHOUGH.
EVEN THOUGH é uma versão com um pouco mais de ênfase.

I really enjoyed your lecture, though there were some parts I didn’t understand.

Though he tries hard, he always fails.

Even though I was very tried, I couldn’t sleep.

THOUGH é muito utilizada no final de frases com a tradução de mas.

I would like to travel on my next vacation. I don’t have money though.

I’m sorry, I can’t stay for lunch. I’ll have a coffee though.

He can’t dance. He sings well though.

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