Pronúncia em Inglês #14 – Pronúncia M x N no final das palavras

Você sabe como diferenciar a pronúncia do M e N no final das palavras em inglês?
É o que vou ensinar vocês neste post com exemplos juntamente com o vídeo acima.

There was a scream from one of the soldiers.
The company demonstrated an app for surgeons that showed X-rays on the screen.

One of the riders was wearing a helmet cam.
You can do it if you try.

Your sight and hearing may seem very sharp.
You’ve never seen Star Wars? I don’t believe it!

Yet you still make time for your own projects.

I’ve only come for an hour.

Please include your address and a daytime phone number where possible.

He built the garage and stone walls around the house.

The whole dancing thing is completely foreign to me.

There was no sign of life.

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