Pronúncia em Inglês #13 – Pronúncia do TH | Parte 2

Neste post vou dar dicas do segundo tipo de pronúncia do TH. Acompanhe a pronúncia do som voiced no vídeo acima e os exemplos a seguir:

Those shoes are expensive.

Could you call my brother later?

According the weather forecast, it will cool down.

My parents are finally going out to dinner together today.

Contraste com TH e D:

I would never forget the day I met her.
They are my best friends for 10 years.

Contraste com TH e Z:

There is no better breeze than that beach.
You are very nervous. Calm down and take breathe.

Contraste com VOICELESS e VOICED:

I always brush my teeth after a meal.
My niece is 7 months years old and she is teething.

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